When it sticks in your throat, squeezes your heart and brings tears to your eyes, hope is painful.

When it rouses a smile, paints a dream and makes you believe, hope is beautiful.

When all is lost, life is black and breathing a waste, hope is hidden.

When you finally know it will all be worth it, hope is the voice of God.


I didn’t intend to wax poetic, but that’s just what is was today. When I can see this day in hindsight, I will have brilliantly positive things to say about it.


2 Comments to “Hope”

  1. I was thinking of you all day yesterday. I’m so sorry it was painful. Even if great things don’t happen with this one, at this time, they will happen. Never forget that – that’s what hope is about.

    • Oh, thank you! Bless your heart. I’ll admit, I slammed a few cupboard doors and fussed a bit. I allowed myself 30 minutes of fit-throwing, pity party. After that, it was back to work. Working on queries today. Back in the saddle…
      Can’t wait to hear when The Black City gets you an agent and a pub contact!

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