Welcome to My World!

Take your time, explore, poke in the nooks and crannies. Who knows what you’ll find in this little corner of the universe.

Here at my home on the web, I have grand plans to keep y’all up to date on my writing. You’ll meet characters to fall in love with, peer into the soul of a writer and find a momentary escape from ordinary life. Be sure to let me know what you think.

My Short Bio

Born a few decades ago in Southern Arizona, I am a bonafide country girl. I grew up surrounded by mountains and grasslands, cowboys and storytellers, horses, dogs and cats. My first love was horses. After that, I discovered boys. Then I found a man. Well, he found me, but that’s another story. Beg me to, and I might tell you.

My current reality is a husband, two sons, a giant dog and a nice house in a small south Louisiana city. I have plans to change only one of those things – until I can escape the concrete jungle, I will live vicariously in the country through my writing. Perhaps one day it will pay for an honest-to-goodness country home. In the mean time…

I spend my mornings grading papers and teaching my sons, and my afternoons writing and researching. So far, it’s working out pretty well. That is, if nobody mentions the mound of laundry threatening an avalanche in the next room.

Kick back and enjoy a little glimpse into the world of a mid-life writer. Actually, you could help me make this a better bio. Use the comment form to let me know what you want to know about this crazy life, and I’ll see if I can’t get you some answers. Thanks!


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