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I have to admit to being a bit of a schizophrenic writer. Time will only tell which niche I settle into. Right now, I have one finished manuscript, one project in the beginning of its first draft and another one in the research/throwing-ideas-at-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks stage. Tell me what you think of these:

INCANDESCENT is my completed contemporary romance with elements of suspense. The main character is Seely Davis, a reclusive horse whisperer living in southern Colorado. She takes in horses that have serious issues, rehabilitates them and turns them back over to the rescue group she works with. The head of the rescue group is one of the few people who have ever seen Seely in person. Currently, she is working with Frosty, an Arabian mare who was badly abused and trusted no one. When the story begins, Frosty has become rather friendly, but her history will result in some strange reactions to Seely’s unwanted visitor.

Jack Ripley showed up in Seely’s pasture, too beat up to go any further. She doesn’t know where he came from, and with only her own and her dog’s instincts to rely on, must make the choice to trust him. After ten years of almost perfect solitude, having Jack around really messes with her routine. But she’s a sucker for fixing things, and sets her mind to seeing him as just one more wounded creature she can heal and send on his way. Jack has other plans. Even though he really should be hitching a ride out of there, the fact that she doesn’t have a vehicle is an excellent excuse to hang around and get to know this quietly intriguing woman.

The best laid plans always go awry. The man hunting him isn”t going to give up until he has what he’s after, and Jack is the only one who knows where it’s at. Discovering that his pursuer is a fellow agent ratchets up the pucker factor, especially considering how far he’s dragged Seely into it. If he doesn’t fix the problem, and get the good guys and bad guys sorted out pretty quick, he won’t be the only to pay the price.

Just for fun, I am ‘copying’ entries out of Seely’s journal about the horses she’s worked with. In truth, I am fictionalizing real cases that I had the pleasure of working on way back when I was a trainer. You can see that here: Seely’s Journal

I am currently submitting this novel to literary agents and waiting. So, while I wait, I’m working on my next book.

PRODIGAL is a contemporary inspirational romance. Jenny was born wealthy. So what is she doing waiting tables in Sweetwater, Texas? Running from her past, hiding from her future and wishing she could just go home. In a sweet re-telling of the story of the prodigal son, Jenny learns that forgiving herself is the first step to finding her way back home. Along the way, she’ll find the key to communicating with David, the father of her son and the person she blames for her situation. With forgiveness comes communication, with communication comes understanding, and with understanding comes healing and hope.

When I’m not querying agents, building online presence and working on Prodigal, I’m bouncing ideas around for a Christian speculative fiction novel about – what else – angels. Most great writing ideas come from the question ‘what if?’ What if we could see how our guardian angels move or don’t move, act or don’t act, based on our spoken words? If all things in the spiritual realm are affected by the natural, what are we doing or saying to stack the deck in our favor? What might we be saying that holds back the power of the heavenlies in our lives?

First things first, finish the project on deck. Then, start the next one. Then, well – by then I hope to have an agent that might point me in the right direction and…push! As if all this isn’t enough, I’m jotting down ideas and outlines for three more books to follow Incandescent, in a series revolving around the war on drugs and the Mexican border.

Well, that’s a pretty good summary of why my brain is completely and totally addled. Suggestions, questions or comments? Throw in the comments box down below. Thanks a million!


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  1. These sound lovely! I’m especially intrigued by Prodigal. And I’m hoping something good comes your way for Incandescent. Good luck!

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