Seely’s Journal

Take a peek into the journal of a horse whisperer. Seely Davis, the main character in the story Incandescent, takes in rescued horses that need very special attention. Here are some of their stories.

Hennessy – a black and white paint gelding. Two years old. He was up to weight when they brought him up here. His leg is nearly healed from an unfortunate encounter with a field fence. His front legs are crooked, only time will tell if he’ll stay sound enough to ride.

His biggest problem is being headshy. It’s possible he was bottle fed. He likes to nip, and then throws his head violently. This tells me he laid teeth on some folks that thought whacking him in the head would stop his bad behavior. In reality, it just made him really fast. I’ve got a hole in my quilted vest to prove it.

Our first session in the round pen went well. He picked up on the hand and voice commands quickly. He doesn’t have a problem coming to me. Actually, the problem is quite the opposite. He’d rather push me around. We’re working to establish respect for my space by making him work harder when he pushes me. After a few more rounds around the pen, he’s learning to stand quietly and give me my space. I’m rather pleased with him.

To be continued…

For more information about this type of horse training, please visit Parelli Natural Horse Training. By becoming a fan of theirs on facebook, you’ll have access to videos of some of their presentations and students doing absolutely amazing things with horses (and people, too!).


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